Your Most Important Meeting of the Day

My most important meeting of the day is with my favorite customer. Myself. I have that meeting first thing in the morning and it’s some of my most productive meeting time. I get some time to read my bible, pray about the day, then look at what I have coming up.

This isn’t about me.. It’s about you.. and respect in the workplace..

When I worked at a previous job, we had a lot of buildings on campus and were constantly running/driving between them to get between them. People were habitually late, as meetings often started 15 minutes late waiting on everyone to arrive.

This happened in every building except building 100. Guess who worked in that building? All the really important executives. The C-suite and the founder. People left other meetings early to make sure they could be on time to those meetings.

So why are meetings in building 100 more important?

Well it’s two reasons.

1. Those meetings are perceived as more valuable.

2. We crave the face time with the “important” people.

This causes some real challenges since most of the the people rushing to those meetings are senior staff. When the decision makers are leaving their meetings early, less is getting done in many other important meetings.

So how do you figure out which one is more important?

First, make sure you’ve properly triaged your calendar. Focus on understanding a few specifics for each meeting:

– What is the purpose of the meeting?

– Are you expected to present anything?

– What are the key decisions being made?

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– Are you needed to reach those decisions?

If you aren’t required for the meeting, politely ask to excuse yourself. This will free up more time in your schedule to provide more flexibility and make meetings more productive.

Second, Look for recurring meetings and see if they are needed, or could be made shorter.

– Are these meetings still accomplishing what they set out to?

– Do we need to meet that often? Perhaps we could move to weekly instead of daily, or monthly instead of weekly?

Lastly, set your own meetings up for success.

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Do you need an hour for meetings? I start with 15 minutes and work up from there. Make sure your meetings are the example others strive for. Use these top meeting tips to make all your meetings “can’t miss”.

1. Send agenda out with the invite

2. Don’t invite too many people

3. Make it clear what decisions are being made

4. Be clear about who is required and who will be making the final decision.

5. Request specific information from each party.

6. Try to use video whenever possible for remote meetings.

7. Make sure someone is assigned to capture notes and action items. Rotate this role. Make sure you, as the leader, take this role sometimes.

What are your top tips for making your meeting the best one on campus? Share them with me in the comments!

If you’re looking for other ways to be productive with your time, check out this previous post of mine on taking back your time. Have a great day and see you out there! – Adam

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