Who’s Caring for the Data Caregivers?

Hey there data people!

Today’s data teams are not getting the investment they need from their companies. I get it. Budgets are tight and money goes towards what “makes money”.

This is an outdated attitude and while some companies are changing their perspective, many are still struggling with the realizations that we manage the most important and value able asset of earth.


So while we let the folks in the mahogany offices and private jets worry about the budgets, how do we do what’s right by ourselves and our teams? It’s time for a new approach to our own development.

What lessons can we learn from successful organizations that could apply to our development as professionals?

Let’s look at the basics

Successful organizations do the following:

– Innovate and iterate quickly to reach success milestones
– Focus on feedback from customers and partners to improve
– Use a variety of methods to brainstorm, problem-solve, and grow their customer base

Doesn’t that sound like a startup?

We need to use a startup mindset for hacking our professional growth. I’m covering this in my session “Hacking your professional development” at SQL Saturday in Minneapolis in October.

WIFM (What’s in it for me?)

1. How to approach your professional development like a startup
2. How we can all find time and resources to grow
3. How to prioritize and handle new ideas to help you focus

The event is FREE! So Please register and come see all the great professional and technical sessions given by industry experts.

Register Here

I hope to see you there!

Until then – See ya out there.. – Adam

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