One Week to a Successful New Year

I want to share with you my process to kick off a successful new year in team management. Before that happens, I need you to come with me on a journey to an office not too far away. Close your eyes and picture this. WAIT open your eyes, you can’t read with your eyes closed. I’ll close my eyes while you read.

What every year looks like:

You’re sitting with your team in your first week of the new year and all you can talk about are the following:

– 2016 is going to be the best year ever (useless but necessary platitude)

– Where are we on projects from the week prior?

– Did everyone have a good holiday break or New year holiday? How are the kids? etc.

Those are great topics but save those for lunch and around the coffee machine!

[bctt tweet=”Your job as a leader is to kick off the year inspiring those around you. “]

That means you need a plan, and that plan needs to include helping them get a plan. This will be the best year ever if you help them move from tasks to transformation! Otherwise, your meetings will go a lot like this.

How do we make this the best year ever?
We get intentional about how we create opportunities for our team.

Monday – Review and update your foundational five as a team.

I have written about this concept before, but this is the best way I have to get clarity right at the beginning of a new year. Check out the post here if you’re not familiar with the process. It will be the best 60 minutes you spend this week.

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Tuesday – Help them create a vision for their year.

Remember this feeling?  It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on tasks and projects and then mentally connecting them for what you feel is the “plan for the year”. Everyone loves cake, but no one likes going to the grocery store. If you spend all your time focused on the flour, eggs and sugar (your latest projects), you’ll never paint the vision for your team. Remember. Start with the cake. Help them build theirs for the year.

Wednesday – Clean house on team policies and processes.

Nothing feels better than going all “OfficeSpace” on last years dated meetings, processes and policies. Post a list of all the changes. Seeing this fresh approach from you will inspire your team to evaluate what they can change or refresh for the new year!

Thursday – Get feedback from them on what they need from you.

Getting useful feedback is on of the hardest things a leader can do. To help with this, ask them specific questions. Make those questions about helping them, not about you. You’ll begin to see opportunities to help them more regularly. Once you develop that report and trust, the feedback will come. Some good starter questions I use:

– What are three things I can do for you this week to help you towards your vision?

– What are the one things you spend the most time on right now? Can we brainstorm on how to make that more efficient? Perhaps I can help.

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– Who would you like help connecting with from the company or industry?

Friday – Agree on 90-day outcomes that you will work alongside them to accomplish.

90 day targets are great. This is enough time to do something real, but not so much time for momentum to get lost. It allows for some time off, delays from other teams and course corrections. Work with your team to target outcomes (I wrote more on this here). This will give your team great things to talk about at the end of the quarter when you look back at all the positive impact you’ve made!

I hope this starter kit was helpful for you! How are you intentional about your new year? Let me know in the comments please…

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