My Blog Editing Checklist

How much time do you spend on blog editing?

Reviewing my writing is a constant struggle for me. I want to keep my writing approachable and casual, like if we were talking but I want to be grammatically correct. Also, it needs to focus on solving your problems, and providing useful resources. Did I give enough value in each post to make sure you want to keep reading? This is where the good blog editing skills come in!

I’ve written a lot in my life.

Over a dozen books, hundreds of articles, likely millions of emails :). In graduate school, I thought I would never finish writing. I was so grateful to a demanding communication professor in my undergraduate that had taught us how to be more skilled writers (one day I hope to be a skilled writer 🙂 ).

Then I wrote my first book.

Wow! I thought I could write, until a team of 5 editors, each worth their area of focus got to take a red pen to my manuscripts. That was a humbling and frustrating experience. I didn’t want to keep repeating the same mistakes, so I began 2 tracking their feedback and created a checklist or system to review each writing before I submit it. The review process for each book project got progressively faster, and I’ve found myself giving this list to many colleagues and friends.

So since we’re all friends, I want to share it with you. To get more of my personal tips and tools, please subscribe to my updates.

What do you struggle with when proofreading your writing?

  • I’ll tell you what I struggle with:
  • I overuse certain words.
  • I use passive voice too often.
  • I write things and then needs to trim them down.
  • I hate taking the time to proofread; I’d rather be creating.
  • The best way I know how to think about editing is to break it down into passes and go through the test a few times, each time looking for something else.
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Phases of Editing

  • Flow, Structure, Formatting, and Layout
  • Does the content flow smoothly?
  • Did you organize the headers and ideas in a natural order?
  • Did you break up the content with headers and line breaks?
  • Did you cover all the points to make the content relevant?
  • Could you have used lists to break up the content further?
  • Are you using a consistent header style between articles or posts?
  • Did you need to call out any important points to capture attention?

Wording and Grammar

  • Is the content easy to read?
  • Is the title keyword aware?
  • Does the title represent the content?
  • Does any of the sentences feel too long?
  • Are there real transitions between content?
  • Are there any places I’m trying to be too clever?
  • Did you check the content through an application like Grammarly?
  • Are there any references that most of my audience might not understand?

Images, Videos, and other Support

  • Are there examples to support the discussion?
  • Are there images to help understand your topic?
  • Did I use data or quotations to back up the points?
  • Am I allowed to use these images or other support?

SEO, Sharing, and Conversion

  • Do I have an appropriate call to action?
  • What they are clicking on in search engines?
  • Are keywords incorporated in the right places?
  • Do you have the proper meta descriptions to help people understand?

Final tweaks

  • Is it tagged with the right categories and tags?
  • Is anything in the content accidentally offensive?
  • Did I double check any assumptions or calculations?
  • Are there places where I can make the content more social?
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I hope this list helps you. Please subscribe to my updates below to get extra resources direct from me! Until then, see you out there! – Adam

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