Let’s Make Strides Against Breast Cancer!

People deserve every opportunity

I remember coming into the office right after I started at Pragmatic Works and I saw a group of nervous people in our conference room.

That the first day of our foundation class. where we help people with less opportunity find a new path through technology training and placement via our non-profit, the Pragmatic Works Foundation.

Since then, we have graduated hundreds of students and placed them in firms across the country, their lives forever changed with a new opportunity.

We continue that corporate philanthropy through our Kids’ Camps and partnerships with Seamark Ranch and other non-profits throughout the country.


A volunteer spirit inspires me.

My family has always instilled in me a spirit of helping others. I think it’s one of the most worthwhile things we can do as people.

Many of you know about the many personal journeys my family has been through with cancer.

You’ve shared your stories and inspired me with your strength and empathy. For the last several years, I wanted to find a way to help others who are struggling with this disease.

Recently I got an incredible opportunity to do just that.


Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women and I believe we can do better.

This year I accepted a challenge to be part of the leadership for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk put on by the American Cancer Society.

When I got involved I had no idea the depth of the resources the American Cancer Society provides through Making Strides.

This is not like other organizations where the money goes for overhead and “fund-raising trips”.

The money from this event goes right back into the community, creating research and support systems for cancer patients.


I was blown away by the services, hope and strength that the American Cancer Society offers women and men dealing with Breast Cancer

(Yes guys this happens to us too!).

For Example..

Since 2011, more than $11 million dollars from ACS have gone into community programs to increase access to screening and treatment for at-risk women.

The American Cancer Society is currently funding over $74 million dollars in research grants.

These grants paved the way for most of the common supportive treatments that Breast Cancer Survivors remain on for up to 5 years after initial treatment.

They staff and support “Local “Luxuries” boutiques that provide wigs, fashion services and other items and services in communities across the country.

These boutiques help women feel better about themselves and get back on their feet during and after treatment.

They offer free rides and companion services to help make treatment more accessible to at-risk populations.

After seeing firsthand the level of commitment of the ACS through Making Strides, I felt like I needed to do more.

So Now… I’m a Real Man!

real men wear pink

This year I  accepted a nomination to be one of their “Real Men” of Jacksonville.

This is a special group of 25 men in Jacksonville who commit to do more, influence others, and drive more impact through our Making Strides Event.


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This amazing group includes NFL players, local CEO’s and business owners, news and TV personalities and me! It’s an incredible honor to be included but now I have to deliver!


This is a new program for Making Strides and to celebrate, we had a big reveal party at III Forks in Jacksonville this week.

All the Real Men were there and it was pretty cool to be standing next to guys like former Jags QB David Gerrard, kicker Adam Podlesh and other celebrities! All I kept wanting was my picture with these guys!

We are all committed to helping Making Strides have their best event in history, doing more for this cause than ever before.


What do I need to deliver?

I am committed to wearing pink throughout the month of October and help create conversation and awareness about Breast Cancer and Making Strides.

So watch for that on social media and help me spread the word!

I also committed to raising $5,000 towards this walk!

That is a huge goal but you all know I love a challenge!

You also know I believe we can always do more together than alone.


I need your help!

Everyone has had someone in their life touched by cancer.

Many of you have employees and families who bravely fought this disease.

We have a real opportunity to help people navigate the struggle and win their battle.

My family, like many of yours, has had strong cancer warriors. Some won their battles and some we lost too early.

I’m doing what I can to help turn the tide, but we can do more together!


Please take a minute and support women around the world

I have a big number to hit. My goal for my Real Men Campaign is $5,000.

Every bit helps and I’ll need your help to hit the goal.

100% of this money goes to Making Strides and you’re donating directly to them.

If you’re in the USA this donation is 100% tax deductible.


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A couple of things to remember:

Your donations are yours.

They securely go straight to the ACS.

You get 100% of the tax benefits for your donations.

I don’t get any financial benefit from this fundraising.

My campaign is a vehicle to drive awareness to help give us a central point to fund-raise.


I’m asking for $20 donations towards this great cause.

$20 to help keep more of our mothers, sisters, and daughters healthy and here with us.

Many of you can support us with bigger donations and that would be amazing.

You’re money is really making a difference! If we all give $20 we can do so much together.

pink-ribbon-clip-art-co Don’t put this off!

The men and women who rely on these programs will never know your name, but they will know your heart.

Please donate now!


If that’s not enough – I’m doing this with you!

I’ll personally match 20% of the money raised in my Real Men Campaign up to $5,000.

That means if you all help me raise my goal,

My wife and I are committing an additional $1,000 to put us over the top!

Please read more about my Real Men Campaign and Donate now

Thank you all for your partnership, your strength and the legacies of your loved ones.

Adam Jorgensen



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