Leadership Checklist: Great Leaders’ Top 10 “To Do’s”

The One Minute Manager and books like it have given us assurances that a drive-by style of leadership will work when you’re trying to grow a company. These books are great for keeping things simple, are written by thoughtful people and are decent guidelines; but many of their principles don’t work for folks in their day-to-day.

I prefer to think about things as an expansion of the “Foundational 5,” something I’ve written about many times. Once a week I take a look at and review these outcomes – something else I talk a lot about – and see how I’m stacking up to the goals I am accountable for.

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I’m sharing my leadership checklist here for the first time to help you think about what you may be missing as a leader and help you find the more regular balance you need in your journey.

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  1. Communicate with the entire team in a way that drives productive conversations for all involved.
  2. Communicate with your organization in a way that drives engagement and understanding of your team’s role and impact.
  3. Review your current initiatives and make sure they are outcome-focused. Provide timely guidance to ensure your team is successful.
  4. Communicate with your team to make sure they understand your priorities and current workload. Give your team opportunities to create solutions to help you be more effective.
  5. Research and share information that will help your team and organization reach its potential.
  6. Understand your top performing team members’ goals and find opportunities to partner with them to align their goals with company outcomes.  Checklist clip art backdrop to "Leadership Checklist"
  7. Take care of yourself mentally and physically so you have time for your family, personal growth and rest.
  8. Communicate with your peers and superiors so they know their role in your priority outcomes and specifically how to help achieve them together.
  9. Understand your team’s communication and engagement preferences and help them understand how to effectively manage their day-to-day communication.
  10. Understand your fiscal landscape and what opportunities you have to prioritize and increase impact with what you have.
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Working through these 10 guidelines will help you focus on the important things as a leader. You’ll notice the most important “to dos” as a leader include:

I can’t think of a better list of things a leader should focus on. Your team will see your engagement and respond. Which have you had the most trouble with? Which do you think would most help you lead your team? I’d love to hear from you in the comments or on twitter @wadamj.


See you out there! – Adam

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