I’m a Microsoft Regional Director

No, I don’t work for Microsoft. I already have a job I love! That’s not what that means.

First let me start with some background.

I remember the first year I became an MVP. I remember thinking another January had gone by, and I was not selected. I understood. There are so many extraordinary people in that program that I figured I had to keep doing what I do and eventually I might get in “the club”. Then around 1 pm I was driving back to Jacksonville and got an email that would change my life. I was now a Microsoft SQL Server MVP. I remember how honored I felt, included in this group and to have my love for the community recognized in this program.

Fast forward some years (not that fast, slow down)

I was recently approached regarding another remarkable program full of great people. The Microsoft Regional Director Program is a much smaller and more focused group of professionals than the MVP group. You cannot apply for this group, and it’s activities are still a bit of a mystery (we haven’t had the cult-like initiative yet). All I know is that this is a global group of very influential experts, and I’m glad to be a part of it!

I recently received an email

I found out I will be one of only 200-ish RD’s in the world and still one of about 4000-ish MVPs. I’m so honored and excited! I begin my two-year term in April and will hopefully have more to share along the way.

[blockquote size=”full” align=”left”]One of the things I value the most about Pragmatic Works being a Microsoft Partner and getting to be an MVP is the level of influence I believe we get to their roadmap and goals for their products.[/blockquote]

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I can’t wait to share with you what I’m learning <not nda> and how I think the program is helping all of us get the most from the Microsoft platforms and services.

Until then – See you out there!


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