Adam is a data and analytics expert turned successful growth entrepreneur. 

He has led, grown, and successfully exited multiple companies with a combined 100M+ in revenue and 97% of the Fortune 100 as clients.


He has been coaching high performers and leading companies for more than 15 years.


His clients are some of the most accomplished founders and leaders in the tech industry and beyond.

A best-selling author and speaker, He is currently a proud member of the leadership team at 3Cloud Solutions, the largest Azure focused partner in the world.



Technical Executive

When you reach the senior portion of your career the greatest thing you can hope for is a great mentor.


If you are lucky that mentor is also a great leader. Adam is both. 

Top Data ISV

Adam is one of those rare people that is a combination of everything you ever hoped you could find in a person but rarely encounter and even more rarely get to know.


I've always grown professionally every time I chat with him.


He's also absolutely gifted at making the wisest possible choices for his clients and his own organization alike.

VP of IT
National Bank

Adam is a force both in business  and the community.


His willingness and ability to help others learn and grow is wideliy respected among his peers.


Adam's work ethic and leadership style alwayss remind me that it is an honor and privilege to serve alongside him 

Exec. Director
Global NonProfit

Adam was one of the architects of our global growth strategy and was key to reducing silos, achieving strategic growth milestones and improving board member engagement and contribution.


Adam’s leadership has resulted in lasting cultural and advancements for the organization.

Director of IT
Global Charity

As a new leader, I sought out Adam as a mentor due to his gift of inspiring people to reach great heights and equipping them as they start on new paths.


Adam is an exceptional executive leader and a supportive and encouraging mentor.


Adam drives continuous improvements and growth in all that he does through his thought leadership, innovative and strategic thinking, and his effective communication. 

Principal Program Manager

Adam has the capacity to integrate new, theoretical, and complex technologies to business solutions at a stunning speed.


Watching him during public speaking events at large international conferences, I have also watched Adam take exceedingly complex ideas and make them simple and understandable.