So this blog could be touchy, but I’m doing it anyway. I wanted to tell you about my experiences with all the candidates and how I feel their background makes them a good fit for the Board. This is not all inclusive since I obviously know some candidates better than others but I have heard from many of you that this could be a difficult decision due to the variety in submissions and the varying level of detail from the candidates. So I’m going to attempt to show practical ways that the candidates would be a good fit for the board and hope that it will help you decide what areas are important to you to sway your vote. I will go in the same order the candidates were ranked by the nomcom on the website.

Me – See my information here and keep an eye on my blog to see more info about me. I encourage you to click on the link below my name and read my full application. It goes into a lot of details on how I feel and what I promise to focus on. I’ll have youtube videos and other great stuff this week coming out about me. This post is not about me though so let’s move on! :)

Rob Farley – Rob is an accomplished technical and business professional. He has built a strong niche organization in a corner of the world that is growing in our eyes every day from a SQL Server perspective! Rob’s focus is heavy on internationalization and being collaborative with other organizations. I think that’s GREAT! It’s a common platform item he and I share. He also highlighted a great outreach opportunity as part of his submission, a very humble thing to do, something I respect!  Rob’s career highlights in his PASS profile page give you some insight into what’s important to him. Family and friends, and quality! I have met his Lobsterpot folks and they are also great showing he likes to surround himself with good people!

Denise McInerney – I have never met Denise in person and I’m shocked since her volunteer history with PASS is extensive. Every time she comes up in conversation, people I trust tell me she is someone great!. I was recently a part of a WIT panel at SQL Rally and enjoyed seeing the involvement of all the great women focused on increasing education, mentoring and exposure for women of all ages to technology. Denise is very active in this area and I must assume that she would be a bigger force for this on the board.  She received the PASSion award as well in 2007 which is a tremendous accomplishment. She also appears to have great technical background making her a good candidate for the program committee work she has done in the past!

Geoff Hiten- When Geoff found out I was running for the board, he came up to me at PASS Summit and said “I hear your trying to take my job”. I have to admit I was a bit taken aback and challenged him to make sure he showed he wanted to keep it! Geoff and I chatted and we agreed that more discussion and passion for the process was best for everyone and we were both looking forward to helping make sure the best board possible was seated. Geoff’s passion for the community and his fellow PASS members is evident in that dialog.  He and I agree that better career guidance and PASS serving it’s members better and in a more real way is critical.  Geoff is a SQL Server MVP and has already spent some time on the board in an appointed capacity.

Kendal Van Dyke- Being a Florida boy, Kendal and I get to see each other more often. He runs a tremendous user group in the Orlando area and has had some great mentors in the local area. He has a strong focus on chapters and enabling them to be the best they can be. He also looks to see the best in other organizations and apply those to PASS. He was also recognized this past year as a SQL Server MVP!

Sri Sridharan – Sri also runs a user group in North Texas. He has a great educational background and a true passion for this process. He has been one of the most vocal during the election process, including doing interviews with MidnightDBa’s and hosting conference calls to allow folks to ask him questions! Great Ideas. This is the kind of creativity that we could use more of on the board! HE has executed on several events in a 12 month period which is a huge deal! Sri has tremendous passion for this process and the goals of PASS! Plus he’s a heck of a nice guy!

So there you go! Some thoughts on some of the other candidates so that you can make great decisions for folks to hopefully join me on the board this upcoming term!

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