This PASS election is so exciting. I am in good company in this pool of candidates is strong across the board (no pun intended, well… maybe a little bit).  I wanted to do something unconventional for this election. I know you’re all shocked. So I’ve got a few things coming out this week that will hopefully help you decide.

I’m going to make your job tougher!

I’m going to tell you why you should vote for every candidate on the ballot. Yes I’m going to make your decision tougher. If these are the folks who are going to represent you, and of course I want to be one of them, I’m going to tell you why I would be glad to work with all of them.

I’m going to make it easier to read my application!

By not making you read it! I’ll be doing a series of videos and putting them up on You tube over the course of the next week until the voting closes. Please email me questions to and I’ll make sure to answer them.

Candidate Forum Posts – Remixed!

Many of you don’t have time to read through long forum responses so I’ll be posting my responses in easy to consume videos. Plus this will give me the opportunity to go deeper into issues without typing a long drawn out boring novel J… Plus it will give folks who are not pass members the access to all this information.

I’m excited to work through the rest of this election process with you. Thank you for your SQL Passion and involvement in this process!

Check out my blog at and follow me on twitter @adam_jorgensen for all the updates on my video content that is coming out this week! There will be new and exciting stuff every day this week.

See you out there!